A story I haven't discovered a name for.

She didn't like school.
In fact, Jacie Change had never liked school. For as far as she could remember, Jacie never appreciated the teachers, demanding respect they had never earned. Or the students, all equally annoying in their contest of being cool. Or the work, making children feel inferior since the beginning of time. Or the campus, feeling like the prison. Or maybe it was the Cafeteria, creating gruel so vile that children would rather starve then eat it. All in all, Jacie did not like school. She just didn't.
She had never been popular, by any means, but she had had a few good friends. She still did, though maybe some of them hadndrifted apart over time. It wasn't that they weren't likable people, just that Jacie was more of a loner. She had some people that weren't really enemies, but really just (and she found it rather amusing) disliked her. A prime example of these people, was a girl standing right in front of her.
Rachel was stumpy, with horribly dyed blonde hair. She had way to much makeup on, and she eyed Jacie hatefully. Jacie smiled back at her and Rachels lip curled.
"And what are you looking at?"
Jacie tilted her head and said,"I'm looking at you looking at me." Rachel rolled her eyes and walked away. The bell rang and Jacie hurried off into the dull grey class that called itself,"History"
The room was empty and silent, a admirable feat for this school. She frowned, and turned back towards the door. There was a small note on the door, and it read; "'Class, meet at the Media Centre this morning.'" Jacie cursed and sprinted throughcthe hallways. She birders into the Media Centre and panted. Her red headed friend, Ava, smiled and gestured towards the seat beside her. Jacie lowered her head, ignoring the withering glare of the elderly man named Dan, though he ridiculously had the habit of requesting people call him by his last name, a trait all the teachers seemed to share. Jacie hurried off to the chair next to Ava, and settled in. Dan cleared his throat. "Alright class, now that everybody has decided to show up, let's begin. Today, our lesson is about history. The history of magic." Jacie lifted her head, her dark brown hair falling into her face. Dan continued.
"Magic is the claimed art of manipulating aspects of reality either by supernatural means or through knowledge of occult laws unknown to science. It is in contrast to science, in that science does not accept anything not subject to either direct or indirect observation, and subject to logical analysis, whereas practitioners of magic claim it is an inexplicable force beyond logic. Magic has been practiced in all cultures, and utilizes ways of understanding, experiencing and influencing the world somewhat akin to those offered by religion, though it is sometimes regarded as more focused on achieving results than religious worship." Jacie frowned,"So it's possible that magic exsists?"
There were a few snickers around the room. But Jacie ignored them. Dan frowned,"Magic is often viewed with suspicion by the wider community, and is commonly practised in isolation and secrecy. The magic word being secrecy. If there was a chance of magic, I highly doubt any of us will find it."
Jacie frowned,"But if other people have"- But Dan interrupted her. "Miss Change, I told you. I highly doubt you would find it!" He opened his mouth to speak again, but the bell rang. Jacie scoweled, and grabbed her satchel. Ava poked her shoulder, and she turned towards her. Ava has flaming red hair, and her small pale nose held a pair of black glasses. They framed her pale, milky face well. Her dimple popped as her white teeth flashed. She spoke,"So, your still coming over my house tonight?" Jacie shrugged, and said,"Yup." Ava nodded, and they separated. Jacie climbed down the steps, and she blinked from the bright sun suddenly burning in her eyes. She walked down the familiar path to the orphanage she had to call, "home."
Jacie strolled into the huge building, home of 304 children. They all didn't have a family, and the people who worked at the orphanage were pretty kind about it. But Jacie hated that place, and was determined to find a home. She put her hands in her pocket, and walked up the steps to the fourth floor, where her room was located. Once she got there, she saw a boy around the same age as her, with horn rimmed glasses, messy black hair, and milky brown eyes. He smiled as he saw her, and said,"Hullo Jay." She grinned. Simon Will was her best friend in the orphanage, or anywhere else in the world. He was tall and gangly, and very un coordinated. Unlike Jacie, who was tall and slender, and very graceful. Most if the time, anyway. While Simon had pretty brown eyes, Jacie had swampy green eyes. She didn't like the colour green. She only liked solid colors, for all the other ones like green, purple, and pink were just offspring if the big colors. Like red, or blue, or white. Her favorite color was black, for it wasn't a mixture of anything, and almost nothing could come from it. Simon was a very funny person, and he had a history of making Jacie laugh. He had a sparkle in his eye, which meant he was thinking about something mischievous.
Jacie followed him into his room,a messy room with white paint. Almost every inch of it was covered in portraits, that Simon drew himself. He sprawled onto the bed and murmured, "So how was your day? Mine was amazingly boring, the reason being I had nothing to do, and no one to do it with. Thanks for that." Jacie frowned,"I have school, Simon." He smiled wryly,"I think I'm more important than school. Anyways, you don't like school. You complain about it all the time." Jacie shrugged, then went to examine his drawings. There was a portrait of a sword, incredibly detailed in color and lines. Jacie could barely draw a stick figure. She found Simon's art amazing, and loved watching him draw. His pencil or brush flying across the paper, producing art in a matter of seconds. Simon was more artistic and liked talking to people, making friends. While Jacie hadn't an artistic bone in her body, and hated speaking to strangers.She smiled,"I'm bored. Lets go get something to eat." Simon sprang up, and grinned,"Perfect." While they walked down the steps, Jacie said,"How's your driving going?" Simon was two years older than her. She was 15 and he was 17. He scowled, and grumbled,"I don't like driving." Jacie smiled wanly,"That's fine, just ride a bicycle all your life. A pink one, at that." Simon growled,"No jokes, Change." The orphanage had gotten Simon a bicycle, for his birthday. But there was a mistake, and it came pink. Jacie had laughed the whole entire day, quite a feat, even when she was 13.
  They walked to the nearest Burger King, Simon talking about his friend Zachary having a band, and him watching it fail drastically. Jacie laughed at his sardonic jokes, and smiled as he talked. A burst of random wind charged through her coat, and she shivered. They walked into the dirty fast food shop and Simon went to go to the restroom. He told her what he wanted, and insisted he pay for the food, so he gave her a twenty dollar bill. As another man walked in the room, Jacie heard a snatch of a yell from outside. She frowned and, curiosity getting the better of her, walked out the shop. She looked around, and heard another yell. Another burst of wind flew into her and she gasped sharply, the shock of the cold sharpening her senses.
  She hurried off into the sidewalk and heard the yell loudest of all coming from a bricked alley. She hesitated, wary. But her curiosity got the best of her, and she ran into the alley. She looked around, and a man dropped from the sky. She screamed, and backed away, heart pounding. A man jumped from the roof of the wall opposite of her, holding two fireballs......In his hands? He snarled at her and threw one of them near her, but as she shrieked and ducked, the man on the floor knocked it off course with a burst of air from his splayed hand. The attacker whirled and grabbed a trash can, then completed the spin, in front of Jacie once again. He flung it at her, and Jacie was still on the floor, so she laid completely flat on her back so it just ripped some skin off the tip of her nose.
  She rolled onto her stomach and leaped up, to see the man who was on the floor getting back up and reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a gleaming knife, with wickedly shining rubies on the hilt, and tossed it into the mans chest.
Jacie's stomach lurched as his snarls turned guttural, then stopped all together. His clothes started flapping, as if in a great wind, and his body turned into shimmering dust.
  Jacie tried to scream, but no sound came. His clothes fell to the ground. Jacie choked out a few words,"Dus....he turned to dust...H-how?!" The man kept his eyes on the mound that used to be man and said bitterly,"He chose to have his skin be an armor. That means when something hurts his weak spot, his death will be....Unusual." Jacie nodded slowly, then her vision clouded and she fainted.


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