Still haven't though of a name....

  Jacie's eyelids fluttered, and stifled a groan. Her nose stung, and her mind was swarmed with memories of last night. She thought of Simon, and of how he probrably thought she left him with his money in her hand. She frowned, Simon was her best friend, he wouldn't think that. He was probrably worried out of his mind... She looked around, and saw the man who was with her last night leaning against the wall, long sleeves rolled up to his forearms. She sat up, and said,"Where am I?" He smiled and said,"This is my home." Jacie frowned, and looked around. It looked like a hospital room. She tilted her head,"You live in a hospital?" He made a sound that sounded like a laugh, and said,"No, its just this room that looks like a hospital. The rest of the house, I promise, is very elegant and well furnished." He walked out, and Jacie called,"Wait!" She stumbled off the bed, and followed him out. The next room was, as promished, filled with chairs and couches, and the walls were a dark mahogany.
  "Wait," She said, "Whats your name?" There was a million questions in her head, and this one popped up first. He didn't turn around,"Acuzio. It means 'sharp' in Latin." Jacie frowned,"I didnt ask for the meaning."
"I didn't ask for you to ask."
"Huh? Never mind. How did you do that?"
"How did I answer your question?"
"No, how did you...you made wind...It came from your hands."
He turned towards her so suddenly she stumbled into him. She backed up, and he said,"I didn't control wind. It was a lucky chance. Thats impossible."
She frowned, and shook her head,"No, the other man...He-he exploded! He had fire in his hands. Whats your excuse for that one?" Acuzio sweared under his breath, and eyed her warily. Then he spoke, and his voice was filled with reluctance,"Just forget about it. Go home, and live your life." She gaped at him,"I don't have a home, and just forget about it? How am i supposed to forget that?" Acuzio eyebrow arched,"Why are you asking me? And what do you mean, you dont have a home?"
"I live in an orphange."
"Oh. Sorry."
"Just forget about it."
He smiled quirkily, and shrugged,"I was planning on it."

  Simon's forehead got red, a dangerous sign. "Well, you have to do SOMETHING."
"But maybe she just ran away."
"She DIDNT RUN AWAY! Shes my best friend, I know her! Someone took her, or she went outside for some reason, and someone took her!"
Miss Purce sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose with her fingers. She was one of the ladies who helped own this orphange, and she was doing her best not to tell the poor boy that they would probrably never see Jacie again. Simon glared, and said in a low voice,"If you don't do something, I will. Ill go to a news crew, tell them an Orphange teacher doesn't care that one of her children just got kidnapped." Miss Purce froze, and glared at him. He stood his ground. Finally, she broke,"Fine. Fine. Now leave." He took a deep breath, and stood. Simon marched out the room, his run down sneakers groaning. He stormed into his room and slammed the door, flopping on the bed. He stared at the ceiling, his feelings of unease swirling in his stomach. He sighed, his sadness making his hand twitch. He snatched his pen from the floor, and reached for the notepad. He began to draw, his worries spilling out onto the paper...
  Jacie took a bite out of the apple Acuzio threw her, and the juice pooled into her mouth, calming her, but only a little. She took a deep breath, and said,"So there is magic. Real magic. And people...practise it?" Acuzio sighed,"For the third time, yes. People gifted with magical talents, choose their powers at the age of 20. It could be Elemental magic, which is influencing the elements, or shape-shifting, or anything else you choose and excersize. Theres a magical community, theres zombies and mermaids and snowmen that come to life and eat your noses."
Jacie gaped, and he smiled,"Im joking."
He looked at the T.V. and Jacie stared at him. He really was handsome, and was wearing a black suit. He had an odd looking watch on his left wrist, and had jet black hair. It curled and waved and shaped his head well, though it didn't quite reach his ears. He looked at her, and she looked away quickly. It was rude to stare.
  Jacie thought of something, and said eagerly,"Can I do magic?" He shrugged,"How am I supposed to know?" She glared, and he dropped his shoulders. "Maybe. You might be able to. You'd have to practise." Jacie's heart sped, and she said,"Could you teach me?" He tilted his head, and looked her in the eye. "Maybe."
"Yes? You will?"
"What? No."
"So yes?"
  He shook his head, and yelled,"Stop! Maybe, I'll teach you." She looked down. He looked at her curiously, and said,"Wouldn't you like to go back?" She shook her head quickly,"No. Never. I can't." He shrugged, and said,"I'll allow you to sleep in my backyard." She started to smile goofily, and then it dropped. "Crap.." She murmured. He looked back at the T.V. "What?' She shook her head,"My best friend. He's almost the only friend I have. I left him at Burger King, to see what you were yelling about..." Acuzio shrugged,"Not my problem." She glared,"You could offer some advice, you know." He smiled crookedly,"Nonsense. What the bloody hell do I know about upset teenage girls?" She laughed, and he walked out from the counter seperating them. He walked over to the hat stand and grabbed a black Fedora, placed it on his head on a bouyant angle, and said,"Come. If I'm thinking about training you, you might as well meet my friend." Jacie hurried towards him, and they walked through the door.
  "So, whats your friends name?"
"Kallista. Kallista Pendragon. I have a feeling you'll like her."
Jacie eyed him,"Really?"
"Good God no. You'll probrably hate her, for all i know about you."
Jacie sighed, and blinked against the sudden blinding bright light of the sun. Once her eyesight adjusted, she looked at her surroundings. There was an expensive looking car in front of them. It was black, and sleek, and shiny. The headlights blinked hello as Acuzio pressed the unlock button. When she asked what type of car it was, Acuzio lectured her about how his Rolls Royce Phanto, and the engine, and the tyres, and the leather seats, and pretty much everything else. She scowled as he talked, sincerely not caring. When he finished, she looked over at him,"I didn't need to know that."
"I dont need to bring you either. My, how much we have in common." He walked towards the car, and Jacie glared at the back of his head. She got in the passangers seat.
Jacie smiled to herself, relaxing into the soft leather seat. Acuzio put it in reverse, then started backing out of the parking lot. He spun around, and Jacie yelled,"Hey! They accelerated foward, Jacie slamming into the back of her seat. The world outside was a bright and colorful blur, and as they screeched left, Jacie screamed.
  Acuzio cackeled, his smooth velvety voice rolling off his tounge smoothly. Jacie covered her face with her pale hands, and then she couldn't help it. She peeked. Her heart thudded into her chest and her dark hair flapped all around, smacking Acuzio in the face. He yelled,"Oi!" She screamed,"Oi yourself, were gonna die!" He laughed again, and said,"With my superior reflexes? Not a chance." She glowered at him, but he was right. At every bump, tree or pole, he flicked the wheel the opposite direction and they bolted the way he wanted. The engine snarled in appreciation, the tyres squealing. Then he smiled at her,"Were here." He slammed the brakes, and Jacie smacked her head onto the dashboard. She groaned, and lifted it back up slowly, to see Acuzio with his hands behind his head, eyebrow arched. "Are you quite finished?" He stepped out before she could whip her fist out for his arm, and she grumbled, rubbing her head. She stepped out,"Are you always that crazy?" He smiled cockily at her,"Its not crazy if your me."

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  1. FANTASTIC writing Viv! VEry intriging story line! Love it! I can't wait to see what happens!
    Can I be init toooooo?