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       Jacie looked around. The only thing in front of her was a run down building, with a sign that said *BEWARE* on the floor. She frowned, and said,"This is where she lives?" Acuzio stopped and said,"Oops. OK. Look harder, past the Veil."
She stared, and leaned foward dramatically. The image started getting hazy, and she let out a gasp when she blinked, and it was like someone pulling a blanket off a surprise. The image of the ruin flicked away hazily, and a collosal house appeared before her eyes. She staggered back, but Acuzio's hand was there, on the small of her back, supporting her. The house had mirrors for walls, and she could see every detail of herself, a tiny fleck of darkness in the background. The roofs were towering, and the door was black, and there was a white knocker. Acuzio gave her a small push, and Jacie walked foward uncertainly. He led the way, and when they got to the door, he gripped the knocker with both hands, and swung it up. He brought it crashing down on the door, making a *BOOM* loud enough for passing civilians to hear. They waited almost 17 seconds, then someone opened the door.
  There was a pair of turqoise eyes visible, then the door shut. There was the sound of a lock being un done, then the door opened fully. A girl with dark hair, pulled up in a traditional japanese hairstyle with chopsticks, smiled at Acuzio. She had a chinese fan in her hand, and Jacie stared. Acuzio cleared his throat,"Hello, Kallista. This is Jacie." Kallista looked at Jacie, and held her hand out. Jacie hesitated, and Kallista said,"Dont worry, I wont bite. Well I probrably won't. Do you think I will?" Jacie raised her eyebrows, and said,"Um, im not sure." Kallista nodded,"Understandable. Eloquence is a desirable factor." Jacies lips tugged into a small smile,"You do realize, I know what those words mean." Kallista smiled back,"Good. Because I dont."
  They walked further into the house, and Jacie stared at everything, wishing she had more then two eyes. The cielings were high, and there were ropes hanging from the rafters. There were mats all over the floor, and doors leading all around. Kallista stopped on one mat, and grabbed a sword from the wall. She twirled it, and it gleamed wickedly. Kallista grinned, and she said,"So, Acuzio. Did you come here to talk, or did you come here to see how amazing I am?" Acuzio grinned evily, and snatched another sword off the wall,"Love, you can't possible say that word when Im in the room." He lunged and she sidestepped the other way, but Acuzios sword flicked and followed her, but she leaped, avoiding the blade at her ankles. Acuzio completed the spin and flipped, the sword clashing down on her head, but Kallista blocked it with her own, and they flashed and spun and lunged. Their swords clanged, and Jacie gaped at them.
  Their figures were nothing more than a blur, and Jacie tried keeping an eye on the swords, but they were a flash of silver. Jacie squealed and rolled away as they came closer, bringing the fight onto the ladder on the wall. Kallista climbed, while Acuzio held the blade in his mouth, trickling a roll of blood down his chin. He climbed after her, but Kallista gained a step when he snatched for her ankles. She flipped onto the rafter, grabbing the rope, and using it as a whip. She grinned visciously, and flicked it at Acuzio's wrist. He yelled, and flung away from the ladder, falling onto the mat below. He snarled, and Kallista made a show of calling out, cupping her hands around her mouth and drawing out her words,"Hullo! Hows the weather down there?" He grinned crookedly at her, and splayed his hands. He shot up like a rocket, and Jacie scrambeled up, and her jaw dropped. He whipped a hand up, and grapped the rafter, swinging himself fowards. He jumped onto it, and Kallista fowned,"Damn Elemantal." He lashed out a kick, and she curved around it, defying the laws of collagen in her bones, she fell into a split, her legs bending derangedly. She caught his foot with her legs-still bended at an odd angle-and he staggered foward, hopping on one foot. She whipped a hand out, and held his foot, her legs sliding out of the position.
  She stuck her tounge out at him, and threw him away, mere inches from Jacie. She screamed and flung herself out of the way, and looked up at Kallista,"Oi!" Kallista laughed,"Sorry." Jacie watched as Kallista flipped off the rafter, landing on the mat gracefully. Then her head snapped to the right, as the door to another room clicked and opened. A woman walked out, her body fluid and graceful. Her head was vividly sapphire, her eyes just white, with no pupils. They were tunnels of light, blinding Jacie.The woman was insanly beautiful, fluid and graceful even in stillness. Her vivid hair swirled around her head and stopped at her waist, moving slowly like snakes hunting their prey. Her eyes were frammed by thin eyelids, with heavy black eyelashes. Her bright ruby red lips parted, showing the perfect white teeth that gleamed and sparkled. Her long , thin fingers twitched, and Jacie staggered. Her mind turned numb, all thoughts slipping away, focusing on this woman. Kallista sighed,"Leave her be, Zuri." The woman named Zuri shrugged, her delicate shoulders lifting, and Jacies mind cleared. She glared at the woman named Zuri,"Don't do that." Zuri laughed, a peal of bells. Acuzio grumbeled,"Zuri." Zuri smiled warmly at him,"Hello Acuzio." Acuzio glanced at Jacie,"Zuri's chosen power is contolling the emotions. She can make you angry, make you sad, make you happy, or make you confused." Jacie raised an eyebrow, and looked at Zuri,"Really?" Zuri smiled, and it was not pleasant,"Let me show you."
  She numbly heard Acuzios voise raise angirly,"Quit it." But then everything went dark, and Jacie started screaming. It was fear like nothing else before, almost as if a million black widows were crawling inside her, or a thousand demons swirling around her. Under her screams, she head Acuzio and Kallista yell,"Stop!" And Jacies sight cleared, the fear gone, leaving her retching and falling. Acuzio darted foward in a blur and caught her, and glared at Zuri,"That was uncalled for." Zuri smiled, and turned, walking the opposite way. She didnt turn to face them, but instead said,"Kallista, Ive done what you asked. Im leaving now." to the door.  She walked out of the door, and they looked through the glass to see her dissolve into a storm of blue glitter, disappearing into no more. Acuzio looked at Kallista, who was placing her sword back on the wall,"What'd you ask her to do?" Kallista turned and shrugged coolly,"She was going to try and charm one of my swords, make it so that it confused its opponents.
  Acuzio straightened Jacie up, and she swayed, but managed to stay standing. Acuzio frowned,"That wasn't how I expected this to go..." Jacie glowered,"You think?"

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