Elizabeth Stone

     "Your father was a great man. Powerful, smart, witty, charming. He could manipulate, twist, distort, and cloud minds with a few words. His chosen power was the ability to read minds. His physical strength was sheer power. He could punch through titanium without breaking a sweat. He searched for power, and power he found. Many people feared him, but he hadn't warped his mind to shape evil and darkness yet. He was still a good man. Just a power-hungry man. He worked for the Asylum, and helped this building  in many, many ways. Then, he started changing." Jacie (or Elizabeth, she just wasn't sure anymore) clenched her fist's, scared of what she was about to hear. Her chest heaved, and her heart felt like it was down in her shoes.
       Gabriel continued,"He became quieter, kept more to himself. Many thought this was understandable, for he had just lost his good friend to fatigue. But he started getting more angry, more violent, more cynical. Everyone started to stay away from him, scared of what was happening. Then, one day, he came to work. He sat on his desk, and his breathing was ragged. I remember, watching him with concerned eyes. One woman, a woman that had never got along with him, said something to him. I don't know what. He snapped. He leaped over the desk, pounced on the woman, and killed her before anyone could react. I didn't even have time to register the murder, I was paralyzed in pure shock. Time seemed to freeze. Everyone had paused from their daily doings, and watched. Then, someone, somewhere, broke the silence with a scream.
        "It all happened so fast then. He just laughed, a wicked laugh, and leaped out the window. I ran to the window and watched him run, with blinding speed, away from the Asylum." Jacie blinked, then whispered,"My mother. What about my mother?" Gabriel examined her with sad, sympathetic eyes. He twitched his thumbs, and looked down. He spoke on, his voice ever so soft and filled with sorrow,"Mary was a wonderful woman. They were in love, for the longest while. She was pregnant, with her second child. She was very close to labor. Their neighbors reported to me after seeing the process. They had ran in when they heard the scream. One man, had said that he saw Marcos lift his screaming wife and stab her." His voice had lowered to a barely audible whisper, and on the last word, his voice cracked. Jacie froze, and she closed her eyes. She had never even known. All this time, imagining her parents had been wonderful people. Fury, raw hatred swarmed her. She had never seen her mother, she would never see her sibling, because of her father. It was sick. It was wrong.
         Acuzio was stiff with worry and awkwardness. She could tell he didn't know what to say, how to comfort her at all, having never been in this situation. She snapped her eyes open, and her anger flared inside her, making her pulse race with adrenaline. Her voice, to her surprise, was strong and smooth,"Is he still alive?" Gabriel frowned, and it was barely visible,"Yes." Jacie allowed herself a small smile on the inside, and promised herself one thing.
          She would revenge her mother. That, she would.