Elizabeth Stone

     "Your father was a great man. Powerful, smart, witty, charming. He could manipulate, twist, distort, and cloud minds with a few words. His chosen power was the ability to read minds. His physical strength was sheer power. He could punch through titanium without breaking a sweat. He searched for power, and power he found. Many people feared him, but he hadn't warped his mind to shape evil and darkness yet. He was still a good man. Just a power-hungry man. He worked for the Asylum, and helped this building  in many, many ways. Then, he started changing." Jacie (or Elizabeth, she just wasn't sure anymore) clenched her fist's, scared of what she was about to hear. Her chest heaved, and her heart felt like it was down in her shoes.
       Gabriel continued,"He became quieter, kept more to himself. Many thought this was understandable, for he had just lost his good friend to fatigue. But he started getting more angry, more violent, more cynical. Everyone started to stay away from him, scared of what was happening. Then, one day, he came to work. He sat on his desk, and his breathing was ragged. I remember, watching him with concerned eyes. One woman, a woman that had never got along with him, said something to him. I don't know what. He snapped. He leaped over the desk, pounced on the woman, and killed her before anyone could react. I didn't even have time to register the murder, I was paralyzed in pure shock. Time seemed to freeze. Everyone had paused from their daily doings, and watched. Then, someone, somewhere, broke the silence with a scream.
        "It all happened so fast then. He just laughed, a wicked laugh, and leaped out the window. I ran to the window and watched him run, with blinding speed, away from the Asylum." Jacie blinked, then whispered,"My mother. What about my mother?" Gabriel examined her with sad, sympathetic eyes. He twitched his thumbs, and looked down. He spoke on, his voice ever so soft and filled with sorrow,"Mary was a wonderful woman. They were in love, for the longest while. She was pregnant, with her second child. She was very close to labor. Their neighbors reported to me after seeing the process. They had ran in when they heard the scream. One man, had said that he saw Marcos lift his screaming wife and stab her." His voice had lowered to a barely audible whisper, and on the last word, his voice cracked. Jacie froze, and she closed her eyes. She had never even known. All this time, imagining her parents had been wonderful people. Fury, raw hatred swarmed her. She had never seen her mother, she would never see her sibling, because of her father. It was sick. It was wrong.
         Acuzio was stiff with worry and awkwardness. She could tell he didn't know what to say, how to comfort her at all, having never been in this situation. She snapped her eyes open, and her anger flared inside her, making her pulse race with adrenaline. Her voice, to her surprise, was strong and smooth,"Is he still alive?" Gabriel frowned, and it was barely visible,"Yes." Jacie allowed herself a small smile on the inside, and promised herself one thing.
          She would revenge her mother. That, she would.


Jacie Change....For now

      They walked through more corridors, Jacie and her new puppy eyeing everything warily and interestedly. There was magic happening all through the building, it was almost tangible. Acuzio murmured,"Right around here," to himself, and they turned sharply. Acuzio leaned forward and knocked on the giant door blocking them from the other side. After a moment, it creaked open, revealing a short pixie of a girl. She looked around the age of 10. Her hair was in a bob, and it was a vividly bright bubblegum pink. It matched her eyes, which were sparkling with a glint of happiness. Her white dress reached her ankles, and it flowed as if alive with magic. She grinned, and squeaked,"Right this way." She spun around, her dressing floating, falling down softly and slowly, and strolled off. Acuzio gestured for Jacie to follow. She listened, keeping her eye on the small, thin girl almost sprinting down the bright green hallway. The small chid stopped, and pointed towards a dark red door to her left. There you go, Acuzio, the Warlock will be right with you if you'll step inside.
        He did, and Jacie followed cautiously. She raised an eyebrow at Acuzio,"Warlock?" Acuzio smiled lightly,"Thats another word for wizard. The Warlock is almost like the President for you. He just likes to have a fancy name to look important." Jacie nodded, focusing on the lightly snoring dog in her hand. Almost five minutes later, or so it seemed, a man burst in. Jacie held back her laughter by clamping a hand over her mouth. He was rather small, and rather round, and rather bald. His eyes wrinkled when he spoke, and his fingers twitched. His dramatic robes were black, frayed to perfection, and longer than his stubby legs. He eyed Jacie superiorly, trying to tower over her though she was a good 3 inches taller. Acuzio sighed,"Where is the Warlock, William." William glared, then muttered,"Gabriel is coming."
          His words rang true, for the door opened again, and the Warlock named Gabriel entered the now crowded room. His smile was kind, and his eyes were sharp. They pierced through Jacie, and raked Acuzio. His hair was graying, the color of an old willow tree. His robes were simple, dark blue, and they  matched his shoes, which shined. Acuzio cleared his throat,"Hello, Gabriel." Gabriel nodded, then went back to eyeing Jacie. She smiled shyly, and his mouth twitched in return.
"Hello there, young lady."
"Uh...Hi," Was all Jacie could think of saying. He looked to be in his near 40's, and his whole body burned with wisdom. Acuzio gestured,"This is Jacie. Jacie Change." William gasped, and wrung his hands,"Change? The Change?" Jacie frowned,"Excuse me?" Gabriel lowered his brows, and murmured,"Maybe we should talk about this another time." William appeared not to of heard him.
"I know you. Don't we, Warlock? Your father is the one who's caused us so much trouble!"
"William!", Gabriel barked. Acuzio stepped forward, curiosity sparking his features. Jacie gasped,"Excuse me? You know my father?" William paused, an evil smile creeping along his chin. "You mean, you don't know yet?"
             Gabriel glared murderously, a clear sign that William should stop, but he prattled on.
"You still don't even know your real name, do you? Your father, was one of the most dastardly villains of all time. Marcos Stone. He killed almost 2 million people. He killed your mother."
Jacie froze. She felt Acuzio stiffen besides her. Her thoughts cleared, then swirled around her head crazily. Her knees buckled, and Acuzio put a strong hand between her shoulder blades, catching her mid-fall. She croaked,"Whats my name?" William hid his smirk, and said,"Hmmm? What'd you say?" She clenched her fists,"My name, my name!" He grinned,"Unless I may be mistaken, your name is Elizabeth Stone."
              She sucked in a breath, then she staggered. Gabriel frowned,"William, go outside." William gave a cry of indignation, but lowered his eyes with the look Gabriel threw his way. He shuffled off, swinging the door closed behind him. Gabriel sighed quietly, then looked at her. "Im sorry. If you would like me to explain, I happen to know almost every detail." She exhaled, forgetting she had to breath,"Yes. Please," she said quickly. He looked down and crossed over to the corner, where there was three chairs. He sat in the largest one, and Acuzio looked at her, probably wondering if she could walk. She nodded silently, and almost lowered her hands, forgetting the puppy sleeping in them. Her feet took a step, and after that it was easy to walk to the chair in front of Gabriel, plopping down on the leather seat. Her mind was numb, and her stomach felt like it was permanently curled into a tight knot. She took a deep breath, and then said,"I need to know. Everything."
              He nodded gravely. "As you wish."

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   School.....I never knew how horrible my old school was, until i moved to this one.

                 This school is awesome. Everyones so rottenly nice, and welcoming, and the teachers are fair, and the work is better. One teacher in particular, i absolutely love with all my heart.
                        Already. Good God, I'm getting more peppy by the second...


Jacie Change (Temporary Title)

   Jacie sat, her legs folded, her right arm stuck out at an awkward angle. Acuzio pulled out the shards of glass slowly but surely, and Jacie could hear the *plink* they made as they hit the marble bowl he held them in. She glanced at the pile, and blanched. There was skin still sticking to some of the shards, and blood on all of them. He tugged at one, and she yelped, and he smiled grimly,"There. All done." He snatched a roll of bandage from the table, and wrapped it around her wound tight. He straightened,"Okie-Dokie. So. Any idea of why a strange man was trying to kill you?" Jacie glared at him, cradling her arm. "Yeah. I was a drug dealer." He blinked,"Really?" Jacie snorted,"Of course not." He smiled,"You've reached a new level of sarcasm. Congratulations." Jacie tried to hold it in, but grinned widely at him anyway. He sat on a dark stool in front of her hospital bed, and stared thoughtfully at his hands. Jacie frowned,"What are you thinking of?" Acuzio frowned, but didn't look up,"What the 'Book' is." Jacie shrugged.
  He stood suddenly, and she scowled,"Where are we going? I need rest and relaxation." He smiled down at her,"Your welcome to stay", he drawled, his smooth silky voice floating with perfect articulation. She sighed,"Fine. Lets go." She followed him out, and said,"Wait, how are we going to get there?" He snorted,"You think I only have one car?" He pressed his fist against a button on the wall, and a door spun, and revealed a snowy white car. She shook her head, and walked to the passenger side,"How many cars do you have?" He grinned, his milky white teeth gleaming, and didn't answer. She swung open the car door, and jumped in, squishing into the soft black seats. She leaned forward and closed the door. She took a deep breath, smelling the smell of new car in the air. Acuzio inhaled deeply,"Don't you just love that smell?" Jacie smiled,"Yes", she admitted. He laughed softly, and absently ran a hair through his tousled black hair. Then he gripped the steering wheel, and grinned at Jacie, a glint in his eyes that she didn't trust. Her heart swelled. That glint reminded her of Simon. Jacie's eyebrows pulled together,"Wait, what are-" But Acuzio interrupted her with a slam of the gas, and the engines hungry snarl, like a furious panther.  Jacie's voice rose drastically,"NO DON'T." But her head snapped back as they flashed away from the big house. She slammed her fist into Acuzios arm as many times as possible, and he growled,"Ouch", and slowed. Jacie took a deep breat, and he glared at her. "Ruin the fun", he muttered.
  They drove on, (at a normal speed, thank you very much), in silence. Acuzio leaned foward and fiddled with the radio. She caught his hand, and pulled it down. She shook her head,"Don't. I hate music." He ogled at her, mouth hanging open. She frowned,"What', she said defensively. He spoke slowly, as if in fear of being mis understood,"You don't...like music?" Jacie nodded. He let out a huff, and rubbed his forehead. He stuck out the fingers rubbing it, and said,"And, dare I ask, why?" She frowned,"It irritates me." He paused, then shrugged, and fiddled with the radio again,"Too bad."
   She rubbed her ear,"I think I got a bug bite on my ear...." Acuzio glanced at her and shook his head sadly, as if fearing for her sanity, deflecting the statement. She glared. They walked further, and Jacie played with her bandage. Acuzio snatched her hand, and pulled it down,"Don't do that. If that messes up, your going bandage-less. And then you'll get an infection." She stuck her tounge out, but was slightly warmed at his care. They walked more, and the sky got darker and darker as they went. They heard a soft yelp, and both their heads snapped towards the sound. Jacie got closer. "Jacie..." Acuzio warned. She crouched down, and pushed the small bush around, seeing a tiny bulldog laying on the floor behind it. She squealed,"Awwwwww." She grabbed the small, wrinkly puppy and hugged it to hr chest "Look, Acuzio!" Acuzio peered curiously, then frowned,"A dog." She glared,"An adorably cute dog. Im keeping him." Acuzio opened his mouth furiously, then closed it and sighed. She looked around, not seeing anything. "So where are we?" He smiled,"Remember at Kallista's house, you didn't see the true picture at first?" Jacie frowned, but nodded,"Yes. You called it a....a Veil, I think." He nodded, and said,"Veil's are things that cover the true image of something, as if a glamour, or a sheen. Mortals can't see, because they don't look hard enough." Jacie stared, thinking hard. What if she had seen Veil's before, not realizing what they were. The thought turned her stomach over. She looked ahead of her and stared, trying to see past the Veil. It flicked off, and Jacie stifled the gasp this time. A huge building, about the size of two of Kallista's homes, appeared, painted onyx. The doors were a deep ruby, and two lanterns hanging on either side of the door, illuminating the night. They stepped forward, and Acuzio muttered,"They always do themselves well, them...." Jacie looked at Acuzio.
"Are you going to knock?"
"Eh? Oh, no."
"....How do we get in?"
"We say an ancient secret spell."
Jacie stared,"Really?" Acuzio nodded once, then broke and said,"No. We just knock." He leaned forward before Jacie could even try to hit him, and knocked once. The doors opened, without an owner, and they stepped through. "Can I bring him in here?" She asked, guesturing towards the puppy craddled in her good arm . Acuzio smiled, "They're very animal-friendly here." She furroWed her brows, "Really? Why?" Acuzio hesitated,"You'll see." Jacie looked around, etching everything into her memory forever. Acuzio strolled calmly, his shoes clanging, and Jacie crept. She tried not to brake the eerie silence of the building, and cringed when she heard Acuzios loud clangs. They climbed up the stairs, and this floor was much louder. There were sorcerers bustling around, muttering to themselves or looking at papers. Animals crawled the floors, panthers and rabbits and mice and lions. Jacie gasped as a squirrel transformed into a portly man with gray, sandy hair. The puppy in her arms sniffed around, perking its droopy ears up. She ran a finger along the fur on his head, and the puppy's eyes drooped blissfully.
  She had always wanted a pet.

Help me.....

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Jacie Change (Temporary Title)

    Kallista frowned,"So what are you doing here Zio'? And why did you bring her?" Acuzio looked at Jacie, who was downing a large glass of ice water. He shrugged,"She wants to learn magic." Jacie spluttered and coughed on her water, resting it on the table, and placing both hands flat on the chair. When she could breath again, she grinned,"So you will!", she exclaimed eagerly. Acuzio frowned, and said,"I suppose so..." Kallista grinned tauntingly,"Since when were you a tutor?" Acuzio glared, then smiled,"You're going to help me." Kallista stepped back, hands out in front of her in the universal 'stop' position. "No. No way." Acuzio shrugged,"OK, I'll just drop her off here for three hours everyday and she can stare at you." Jacie and Kallista glared. Jacie said,"Im not a library book." At the same time Kallista said,"Fine." Kallista scowled to herself and sulked, stuck with a job she didn't want to do. Jacie grinned. She was going to learn magic. Acuzio sighed to himself,"I guess if I'm going to teach you, we'd better go to the Asylum." Jacie snorted,"The Asylum?" Acuzio smiled half-heartedly, and said,"Yes. Its basically like the white house, to you mortals." Jacie frowned, vanishing the grin that was starting to form. "Mortals? Aren't you mortal?" Acuzio paused, then added thoughtfully,"I suppose so. Its a term we sorcerers use for non-magical people." Jacie was silent.
"So why are we gong to the Asylum?", She inquired.
Acuzio put a hand on the door,"Good-bye Kallista," He called, before walking out the door. Jacie smiled over her shoulder,"Ya, thanks." Kallista shrugged and said,"See you later....I guess...." Jacie hurried off after Acuzio, swinging the door closed behind her. She sprinted over to Acuzios side.
  "So, again, why are we going to the Asylum?" Acuzio looked down at her. "I work there. Im a detective." Jacie saw the image of Acuzio, holding a microscope in one hand, wearing a ridiculous plaid hat and trench coat. She laughed, and Acuzio raised an eyebrow,"Whats so funny?" She grinned, then sobered,"Nothing," she said solemnly. He glared,"A detective, is a respectable job." She nodded,"Yes, of course it is", she said quickly. He scowled, and opened the passenger door for her. She climbed in, and was clicking her seatbelt when Acuzio got in. She glared,"Don't rive like a physcopath this time. He grinned crookedly at her,"No promises." She swallowed, but when he drove, it as at an (almost) normal speed. They blurred down the road, the car a dark shadow whipping across the streets. A new thought occured to her, and she opened her mouth to speak. But before a word could come out, a red car with a chipped door slammed into the side of Acuzios car. They whirled, and Jacie screamed. Acuzio muttered,"Dammit..." And tried to regain control of the car, but the red car slammed on its brakes and spun, kicking the engine and slamming into the back of Acuzios car. The world spun, and Jacie looked to the window, as if in slow-motion, and saw the lights of night sprinkle and spin. They the crashed into the side of the road, and the car weakly turned over on its side.
  Jacie moaned, glass shards splintering her right arm, and looked over at Acuzio. He tugged at his seatbelt, but the dashboard was crunched on top of it, trapping him. He snarled and kicked his door, but it wouldn't budge. Then Jacie's door whipped open, and Acuzio lunged for her, but a set of hard hands lifted her up from the car and slammed her onto a tree. Hot breath snarled into her nose, smelling of whisky and charred skin. "Where's the Book?" He growled, and she squirmed. He flashed a hand to her throat, and she gasped,"I-What- I dont know any B-book!" The man snarled again and lifted her up, and threw her into the tree. Her head rocked forward, the glass in her arm digging deeper in her skin. The hands grabbed for her again, but she shot her leg forward, and felt it slam into the mans nose. He howled, and dropped her. She scrambled up and, clutching her arm, sprinted away.  She heard an infuriated scream, and then thundering footsteps, and a car door flying away from its owner.
  Her legs burned, and she couldn't see. Her eyes blinked wildly, and she stumbled. Then, she felt someone behind her and whirled. The man didn't expect her sudden stop, and she slid under his legs and sprinted away. She saw a box, and leaped onto it. She climbed the ragged rocks jutting out of the wall and flinched as they stung her hands. The man followed after her and she swung onto the crooked roof, stumbling across. She looked around and saw Acuzio, leaping from rooftop to rooftop in a flash. He bellowed,"Jacie!" And she ran faster, and took a deep breath and jumped, flying blissfully. She almost laughed. Then the rooftop was whipping towards her much to fast and she rolled onto it. She landed, and leaped back on her feet and grinned,"Yes!" Then the man chasing her leaped, landing gracefully and her grin dropped,"No!" She screamed at Acuzio,"What the hell do you want me to do?!" And he bellowed,"Jump!" She looked at his running form, and screeched,"When?" He took a huge pounce and landed on the ground below her,"NOW!" She jumped, falling, the wind whipping her jacket up and making her hair spin around her face wildly. Then warm arms wrapped around her, and Acuzio grinned at her,"Nice of you to drop by." She glared,"Really?" And he clicked his free hand, and splayed it, and they were shooting through the air like a rocket. She screamed, and he laughed. They spun dangerously, but he kept his hand around her waist tight, and she didn't fall. He closed his hand suddenly, and the ground slowed, not coming at them speedily, but as if in slow-motion. She placed her feet easily on the ground, and whirled on the spot. The buildings she was jumping on were almost 40 miles away, a disarray of colors and shapes.
  Acuzio flashed a grin, his hat dipped low over his eyes,"Now who's amazing?"



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