Jacie Change....For now

      They walked through more corridors, Jacie and her new puppy eyeing everything warily and interestedly. There was magic happening all through the building, it was almost tangible. Acuzio murmured,"Right around here," to himself, and they turned sharply. Acuzio leaned forward and knocked on the giant door blocking them from the other side. After a moment, it creaked open, revealing a short pixie of a girl. She looked around the age of 10. Her hair was in a bob, and it was a vividly bright bubblegum pink. It matched her eyes, which were sparkling with a glint of happiness. Her white dress reached her ankles, and it flowed as if alive with magic. She grinned, and squeaked,"Right this way." She spun around, her dressing floating, falling down softly and slowly, and strolled off. Acuzio gestured for Jacie to follow. She listened, keeping her eye on the small, thin girl almost sprinting down the bright green hallway. The small chid stopped, and pointed towards a dark red door to her left. There you go, Acuzio, the Warlock will be right with you if you'll step inside.
        He did, and Jacie followed cautiously. She raised an eyebrow at Acuzio,"Warlock?" Acuzio smiled lightly,"Thats another word for wizard. The Warlock is almost like the President for you. He just likes to have a fancy name to look important." Jacie nodded, focusing on the lightly snoring dog in her hand. Almost five minutes later, or so it seemed, a man burst in. Jacie held back her laughter by clamping a hand over her mouth. He was rather small, and rather round, and rather bald. His eyes wrinkled when he spoke, and his fingers twitched. His dramatic robes were black, frayed to perfection, and longer than his stubby legs. He eyed Jacie superiorly, trying to tower over her though she was a good 3 inches taller. Acuzio sighed,"Where is the Warlock, William." William glared, then muttered,"Gabriel is coming."
          His words rang true, for the door opened again, and the Warlock named Gabriel entered the now crowded room. His smile was kind, and his eyes were sharp. They pierced through Jacie, and raked Acuzio. His hair was graying, the color of an old willow tree. His robes were simple, dark blue, and they  matched his shoes, which shined. Acuzio cleared his throat,"Hello, Gabriel." Gabriel nodded, then went back to eyeing Jacie. She smiled shyly, and his mouth twitched in return.
"Hello there, young lady."
"Uh...Hi," Was all Jacie could think of saying. He looked to be in his near 40's, and his whole body burned with wisdom. Acuzio gestured,"This is Jacie. Jacie Change." William gasped, and wrung his hands,"Change? The Change?" Jacie frowned,"Excuse me?" Gabriel lowered his brows, and murmured,"Maybe we should talk about this another time." William appeared not to of heard him.
"I know you. Don't we, Warlock? Your father is the one who's caused us so much trouble!"
"William!", Gabriel barked. Acuzio stepped forward, curiosity sparking his features. Jacie gasped,"Excuse me? You know my father?" William paused, an evil smile creeping along his chin. "You mean, you don't know yet?"
             Gabriel glared murderously, a clear sign that William should stop, but he prattled on.
"You still don't even know your real name, do you? Your father, was one of the most dastardly villains of all time. Marcos Stone. He killed almost 2 million people. He killed your mother."
Jacie froze. She felt Acuzio stiffen besides her. Her thoughts cleared, then swirled around her head crazily. Her knees buckled, and Acuzio put a strong hand between her shoulder blades, catching her mid-fall. She croaked,"Whats my name?" William hid his smirk, and said,"Hmmm? What'd you say?" She clenched her fists,"My name, my name!" He grinned,"Unless I may be mistaken, your name is Elizabeth Stone."
              She sucked in a breath, then she staggered. Gabriel frowned,"William, go outside." William gave a cry of indignation, but lowered his eyes with the look Gabriel threw his way. He shuffled off, swinging the door closed behind him. Gabriel sighed quietly, then looked at her. "Im sorry. If you would like me to explain, I happen to know almost every detail." She exhaled, forgetting she had to breath,"Yes. Please," she said quickly. He looked down and crossed over to the corner, where there was three chairs. He sat in the largest one, and Acuzio looked at her, probably wondering if she could walk. She nodded silently, and almost lowered her hands, forgetting the puppy sleeping in them. Her feet took a step, and after that it was easy to walk to the chair in front of Gabriel, plopping down on the leather seat. Her mind was numb, and her stomach felt like it was permanently curled into a tight knot. She took a deep breath, and then said,"I need to know. Everything."
              He nodded gravely. "As you wish."

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